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IVF Treatment

Precautions to Preserve Fertility in Cancer Patients

Infertility is usually the major concern during cancer treatments. Radiation treatments, surgery, and chemotherapy have severe impacts on the reproductive system which is what result in infertility. Fertility preservation is therefore an option that cancer patients should consider so as to have children even after the severe treatment. However, several precautions should be observed in preparation for fertility preservation procedures.

Precautions to Preserve Fertility in Cancer Patients

Below are the things that cancer patients should avoid in preparation for fertility preservation before the commencement of cancer treatments.


Some types of foods increase the severity of cancer consequently demanding urgent care which may lower the time required for fertility preservation. Some of the foods to avoid include:

  • Processed meat including sausage, bacon, etc., and red meat,
  • Oily, salty, and sugary foods,
  • Baked, grilled, deep fried, and barbequed meat,
  • Preserved foods such as jams, century eggs, and pickles.


Some practices may also increase the severity of cancer and should be avoided in preparation for fertility preservation. They include:

  • Smoking of tobacco products,
  • Excessive alcohol consumption,
  • Unhealthy lifestyle which does not involve regular exercise,
  • Unprotected sex.

There is a high chance that cancer treatments will result in infertility. Infertility treatment using the preserved gametes will later be necessary. To get the Best IVF Treatment in Punjab, visit The Touch Clinic.


Medical Tests Needed to Assess Fertility

The inability of a couple to have children could be caused by several reasons. The most obvious reason is infertility­­ of one or both partners. A test for fertility is therefore needed. Four crucial parts involved in fertilization and baby formation are the eggs, fallopian tube and the uterus for the female and the sperms from the male partner. Medical fertility tests are done on these four parts. Statistics show that 40% of the cases are with the males, 40% with the females, 10% with both. Also, in about 10% of the cases, no problem is identified even after thorough examination. In any case, the tests must be done before a private fertility treatment is recommended. The tests are performed to both members of a couple.


For the female, the tests start at the beginning of the reproductive cycle and proceed until the cycle ends.

  • Day 1 is the day the menstrual breeding starts. It marks the beginning of the tests.
  • Days 2-3 involves measuring the levels of the four vital reproductive hormones. The Follicle Stimulating Hormone (S. FSH), the Luteinizing Hormone (S. LH), Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (S. TSH), and S. Prolactin.
  • Days 5-7, when the menstrual breeding stops, an X-ray of the uterus and tubes (hysterosalpingogram) is done to observe the condition of the uterus and the tubes.
  • Days 11-16. Evolution monitoring is done through an ultrasound scan.

For the male, the husband is requested to desist from ejaculation for three days and after that a semen analysis is conducted to obtain the sperm count and motility.

The problem may be identified even before completing the tests but it is essential that the tests are completed because it is possible that infertility is caused by multiple problems. The doctor then formulates a treatment plan. If the infertile couple is determined to have a child, an IVF therapy is initiated.

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Lifestyle habits that affect infertility

Infertility has become one of the most common affairs among the couples in India these days. This matter has taken a serious shape and hence become a concern for both the husband and wife, who eventually fall prey to infertility following one reason or the other. Although a number of treatments such as IVF, test tube baby, etc. are progressing using which you can bear a child by visiting the Best IVF center in Punjab or other states, knowing about the reasons of infertility and controlling them is equally important.

Various lifestyle habits affect the natural process of fertility in women. Following are the lifestyle habits contributing directly to infertility.

1. Smoking:

Smoking is considered to be a serious infertility risk factor as it has the chances of damaging your Fallopian tubes as well as cervix. This factor makes conception more difficult. At the same time, regular smoking can decrease the supply of your eggs and can make your ovaries age faster than before. In some cases, it can also bring an early menopause.


2. Overweight or obesity:

Being overweight or obese has also become one of the common reasons of infertility in women these days. Thankfully, you are always at the option of losing weight and lower the risk factor of infertility in you. It is considered that the BMI 10-15 percent over normal can lead to the higher levels of estrogen in the body, hence disrupting normal ovulation.


3. Excessive exercise:

Exercise is always considered as good for health. However, excessive as well as strenuous exercise could lead to the problem of irregular periods or no periods in women, which eventually increases the chances of infertility in them. Thus, cutting on excessive exercise is a must.


4. History of Sexually Transmitted Diseases:

Sexually Transmitted Diseases or STDs such as chlamydia or gonorrhea are also considered to be common factors that increase the chances of infertility in women. These diseases can lead to pelvic inflammatory diseases if they aren’t treated on time. This condition could result in various complications such as miscarriage, blocked fallopian tubes, scarring, ectopic pregnancy and many others, thereby curtailing your chances of becoming a mother.


5. Excessive consumption of caffeinated drinks:

Excessive amounts of caffeine in various energy drinks and even coffee is often linked to the issues like endometriosis as well as recurrent miscarriage. According to a study, women who consume 500mg or more caffeine on a daily basis have a chance of 50 percent increase in the infertility. Hence, it is always recommended to stay away from the consumption of caffeine.

caffeinated drinks

6. Drugs and Alcohol:

Another common lifestyle habit which directly intrudes upon your chances of conception is the excessive consumption of alcohol and drug abuse. Both these elements increase the chances of endometriosis as well as ovulation disorders and the same could interfere with your opportunity of getting pregnant or carrying the pregnancy to term. Regular use of marijuana also interferes with the sperm production in men.

Drugs and Alcohol

A healthy reproductive system is a must if you are looking forward to bearing a child. However, various other treatments have surely made the life of a woman easy. Thus, if you are unable to bear a child, get in touch with the Best IVF Doctor in Punjab, Dr. Preeti Jindal at the Touch Clinic to get yourself treated following various hassle-free treatments.